Fire protection

Art.Nr.: 506989-80

Sizes: 6 - 12
Color: 5002 HV-Yellow

Inside hand, finger joint Colored Nomex fabric, piece-dyed with ceramic coating in hexagon optic, borolone reinforcement on palm.
Art.Nr.: 508600-0
Patron® REVOLUTION knitted cuff

Sizes: 6 – 13
Colours: 7149 black/red

Art.Nr.: 508696-0
Patron® REVOLUTION short cuff

Sizes: 6 – 13
Colours: 7149 black/red

Art.Nr.: 508695-0
Patron® REVOLUTION long cuff

Sizes: 6 – 13
Colours: 7149 black/red

Art.Nr.: 506989-71
Fire Keeper short cuffwith thumb reinforcement

Colour:2400 blue

Insidehand, finger joint: Elastic knitted fabric made of 100% Kevlar with flame-retardant silicone-carbon coating& knuckle protection

Product No.: 977613-0

Description: The helmet for fire fighters CALISIA VULCAN type CV 102 is designed and produced in accordance with the requirements included in the Directive 89/686/EEC and the standard EN 443:2008. The helmet is designed to be used in fire rescue operations and every other work done by firefighters.

Product No.: 977614-0

The helmet is designed for rescuers. It can be used during rescue operations from water to road and high altitude rescue by rescue teams as well as during natural disasters, e.g. meadow or forest fire and industrial hazards.

Product No.: 508436-0

soft, comfortable leather