Chemical protective gloves

Product No.: 400208-0

in accord with EN 388/EN 374, CAT II, 100% nitrile
available colour: green
available size: 7-11

suitable for food, cotton velour, increased resistance to acid and lye
Product No.: 400210-0

Natural latex gloves CE CAT II
available colour: blue
available size: 7-11

Product No.: 101109-0

in accord with EN 388, CAT II, 100% naturalex
available colour: yellow
available size: S-XL

Product No.: 311107-0

In accord with EN 388/EN 374, CAT II, 100% neoprene
available colour: black
available size: 9 and 10

Top-Quality neoprene dipping, wall thickness- 0,7 mm, anti-skid profile, effective, thick cotton flock