PATRON® Pbi Elk with knitted welt

Art. 508 512-90
PATRON® Pbi Elk with knitted welt

Size: 6–12
Colour: 60010 beige

Backhand, fingers: Back of hand with PBI Matrix fabric extremely light and
flame resistant, hard-shell protector coated with digital leather and elk leather trim
Inside hand: special elk leather, very soft, heat-resistant, water-repellent,
tanned to be shrink-optimised, Elastic knitted fabric made of 100% Kevlar
with flame-retardant silicone-carbon coating
Lining: 3 D lining from 67% meta Aramid, 33% para Aramid,
extra comfortable wearin
Knitted welt: 100 % Kevlar® knitted material
Moisture barrier: Porelle membranes, waterproof, windproof, breathable,
resistant to chemicals
Applications: Ring and hook
Length: approx. 31 cm