About us


The Askö GmbH Innovative Schutzausrüstung has nowadays over 50 years experience and competence as a producer and an importer for innovative, high quality work and protective gloves as well as personal protective equipment.

The company enjoys it’s good reputation in Germany and in other foreign countries thanks to brands like PATRON®, FIRE KEEPER®, BOXER ® - fire protection and ASKÖ® -protective gloves, cut and body protection that has become well known in the international market in time.

Askö produces firefighter gloves and cut resistant equipment according to qualification standards and EU- norm (e.g. DIN EN 659: 2008 in the area of fire protection and DIN EN 381 in the area of cut protection or DIN EN 388 in the area of technical assistance).

The raw materials for firefighter glovesare primarily manufactured in Germany. We are certified:

Thanks to huge product-specific know-how, excellent product development and great innovative power- askö was a numerous test winner in the field of firefighter gloves both regional and national associated with applying exclusive specific materials developed by askö (partly protected with a patent).
For the PATRON® and FIRE KEEPER line, we will place into the market more products with cost-benefit ratio and adjusted to consumers.

These strengths combined with customer orientation thanks to customer specific individual solutions, extensiveand professional consulting, on-location trainings are furthermore a huge motivation for protection and customer safety of our products.

Theo Maier